From China with Love


Two recently published books investigate the world of China dolls – a staple among the dwellers of Malaysia’s sexual underworld. We reach author Ewe Paik Leong to discover more about a phenomenon that’s breaking hearts and families all over the country.

If you spend a few hours in any of KL’s shopping malls (and increasingly, Penang and other major Malaysian cities), you might perchance notice a number of young women from mainland China walking arm-in-arm with local men. Some are wives, but most are what was known in days gone by as “mistresses”. Today, “China dolls”, is the swanky term used to describe young female prostitutes from mainland China who come willingly to Malaysia in search of fortune and customers.

Singaporean publisher Monsoon Books recently released two titles describing the dynamics of Chinese prostitution in KL. The first, Kuala Lumpur Undercover, is a non- fictional account dedicated to the seedy underbelly of the Malaysian capital.

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