An explosion of art shows


We do know that Malaysians are an artistic people, but the recent – and continuing – gush of art festivals and symposiums still takes our breath away.

The whole country is in Art-stasy with all the frenzied year-round celebrations of art festivals, expos/fairs, camps, art-auctions, expeditions, workshops, demonstrations, symposiums and related activities.

The phenomenal upsurge is baffling for a relatively young country short on art tradition and lacking state-of-the-art museums and trade-and-convention centres. Even KL’s Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre is an art-event’s nightmare in terms of security, display space, maintenance (leakage occurs), parking and general amenities, although a new one is being built nearby. (There is the Putra World Trade Centre, but there, major plans can go askew since the space can be denied the organisers at the last minute.)

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