Sungai Lembing – a world of ore-some tunnels and rainbows

loading A breathtaking view of the cascading Rainbow Waterfall.

A trip to Sungai Lembing is a trip both into the past and into the bosom of Mother Nature. The magic of darkness and light awaits the valiant traveller into this part of Pahang.

According to legend, a village chief saw a vision of a spear in the river and aptly named the town Sungai Lembing (Spear River). Situated about 42km from Kuantan, Sungai Lembing is a small, unassuming place that surprisingly boasts a wealth of economic and industrial heritage – the sleepy hollow was once the El Dorado of the East during its heyday in the early 20th century.

As travel bugs with a hankering for adventure, my family, friends and I were thrilled to head off to Sungai Lembing’s ancient trails and immerse in its historical splendour.

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