A brewery of cultures


Antarabangsa, one of Penang’s most popular bars, hasn’t got a pretty face. But don’t judge a book by its cover – this place is the crossroads where locals and foreign visitors come together in peace, and tipsiness.

Shirtless and arms akimbo on the sides of his bulging stomach, The Owner stands behind the cashier of his hole-in-the-wall shop, Antarabangsa in George Town. There’s no pretense of calling this familyrun watering hole a “bar”. In fact, regular patrons know very well that The Owner, and his family members for that matter, will not provide any other service except handing over change and setting up a canopy if it rains. Frills-free, customers shuttle to the creaky fridges to grab their own beer.

With a placid expression and a cigarette dangling from his lips, The Owner scans the scene to ensure the smooth flow of alcohol and people.

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