A Guided Hike that is Hard to Repeat

loading Forest Reserve sign.

There is a trail up Bukit Relau that is truly hidden, but no less fantastic.

The Penang State Forestry Department actively protects three areas of virgin rainforest – that is, forest which has never been cleared for logging, agriculture or development and so contains ancient trees and undisturbed ecosystems. These are at Pantai Aceh (within the National Park), in the forest park at Teluk Bahang, and on Government Hill. In addition, it manages the forest parks at Teluk Bahang on the island and at Air Hitam Dalam and Bukit Panchor in Seberang Perai.

But there are various other patches of forest reserve that are less known, less managed and rarely monitored. The popularly hiked ones are around the Botanic Gardens, but I had also wandered into the one on Bukit Penara (Penang Monthly, December 2016) and another at Bukit Juru (Penang Monthly, October 2016), so I became curious about the others.

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