When Penang and the Dindings were One

loading A street scene of early Sitiawan in the Dindings.

In colonial times, Penang’s territory once stretched south to the Perak coast. But a global economic depression changed all that.

Penang today consists of the island and the mainland (Province Wellesley), but at one time its territory extended all the way south to the Manjung district in Perak. For 60 years, Manjung, formerly known as the Dindings, was governed from Penang, from 1874 to 1935. Needless to say, undeniable social and economic links were established between Penang and the Dindings during that time.

The Dindings is located in south-west Perak and is made up of several major settlements such as Lumut, Beruas, Sitiawan, Pangkor Island, Pantai Remis and Ayer Tawar. The origins of the name “Dindings” come down to a few possibilities.

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