Charity Starts at Home for the Aged

loading Tang Hung Hueng (second from left) with residents of Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged.

The Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged in Sungai Dua does work that the rest of society needs to appreciate.

The women were smiling broadly when we walked past the row of beds, excited to have visitors to talk to.

“I take a lot of medicine because my leg hurts,” one chimes out of the blue.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to go for exercise tomorrow,” says another, hoping to persuade the manager to let her skip the exercise routine the next day.

A lady was sitting by her bedside, flipping through a paper calendar in her hands, noting each coming holiday with a black marker pen and going back to the first page to start over, making sure she had not missed any of them.

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