Chronicling the peaceful Penans of Sarawak


Australian Paul Malone pulls no punches in describing the Penans’ peaceful resistance to the desecration of Sarawak’s rainforest.

It is curious why Paul Malone, an Australian reporter, decided to get knee deep into the shady story of the deception of Sarawak’s natives and the state’s cancerous logging. “I thought I was only going to write one feature article on the Penans and their campaign for the forest,” he says. “In 2007, I travelled to Long Kerong for this purpose and interviewed Kelesau Naan, a Penan headman and active antilogging advocate. I never suspected that he would disappear some months after the publication of my article in the Canberra Times and Malaysiakini. When his remains were found a short time later, I returned to see what happened.

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