One million lives saved, and counting

loading Unveiling of the one millionth medical device produced by St Jude's Penang facility.

St Jude Medical celebrated a milestone in late 2014 when it produced its one millionth medical device. Thanks to a rapidly growing industry, the company looks to a bright future.

Torbjorn Andersson, managing director of St Jude Medical Penang, can barely hold back his enthusiasm as he shows me a small grey device, a pacemaker, and proceeds to walk me through how it works and all the complexities involved. Then he pulls out a second device: an implantable cardioverter defibrillator. It works exactly like a normal defibrillator except that it’s already inside you and detects dangerous irregularities in your heart rate and immediately zaps you with a life-saving burst of electricity. Handy if you’re having a heart attack and no one close by has a defibrillator kit with him.

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