National Instruments – Helping Penang climb the expertise ladder


From a temporary office to its current vast manufacturing and R&D facility, National Instruments is in Penang to stay – and grow.

In spite of the global economic crunch, National Instruments (NI) is growing smoothly in Penang. Starting from a temporary office in Suntech back in 2008, the US-based producer of automated testing equipment and virtual instrumentation software opened its mammoth manufacturing and R&D facility here in 2013 as part of its efforts to capitalise on emerging markets and tap into the state’s decades-long electrical and electronic (E&E) engineering expertise.

Recently, it launched VirtualBench, an allin- one instrument that combines essential engineering and testing tools into a single device, thus reducing clutter and cost. The device was born out of NI’s long-held philosophy of working closely with SMEs and understanding their needs, whether they’re in the developed or developing world.

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