Seeing art in passing time and peopled space

loading One of the three blocks of the People's Court.

One basic function of art today must be to heighten the aesthetic significance of normal life. What better way to do this than to re-engage with entrenched architecture?

Art today can involve the most ordinary of people doing the most ordinary of things, fulfilling the Beuysian dictum of “Everyone (Being) An Artist.”

No more the elitist, inspirational thunderbolt from the sky thingy, it may not even be a commoditised aesthetic object of astronomical value and something awfully technically accomplished. It may deal with spaces not so much as mark-makings within a canvas format but that of the living environment involving real people and stories dealing with memories and time.

This was so in the “re:engage: The People’s Court” project in Penang involving five artists and primarily seven core residents of three blocks of four-storey low cost flats. 

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