Does Malaysia’s animation industry have a future?


What is a childhood without cartoons? A poor one, surely. That’s why Malaysians are passionately getting into the animation industry. The infrastructure is already there, although the hurdles are many.

There is much to see when we look east. As kids, many of us would have wished for a robotic blue cat with a magic pocket, or at least a desk with a drawer that doubles as a time machine. Such sweet dreams are lovingly fuelled by animated series like Doraemon.

With thousands of stories and a total of 50 volumes published, Doraemon is one of the most successful intellectual properties (IPs) in the world. First published as a manga in 1969 in Japan before being turned into an animated series in 1973, the cartoon is still aired to this day in different languages around the world. This is just one example of success in a growing market that Malaysia is missing out on, for structural and other reasons.

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