Letting Penang nurture creativity


To say that Goh Choon Ean is full of energy and passion for what she does would not be wrong. She wants to make creative spaces for the public and in 2012, set up Lighting Up Media & the Arts (Luma) in Penang. The photographer, who hails from Petaling Jaya, studied in the US and did some travelling around Europe before returning to Malaysia. Goh worked as a copywriter for radio ads, a documentary producer and a college-level film and photography lecturer, among others, and she has a thing or two to say about nurturing creativity. Penang Monthly took the opportunity during TEDxWeldQuay in October to speak to her about her drive.

Let’s go back to your roots as a photographer. How do you envision photography contributing to society? Photography has been doing that for a long time, since the 1800s. I think the whole idea of capturing moments and archiving not just history and world events but also personal experiences is important. For example, the other day I was just looking through my family album. I had visited a newborn niece and it was very hard to leave, but having photographs and even videos made it much easier.

I think photography has been contributing to keeping memories alive, memories that mean something. Can you imagine a society without photography today?

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