Penang has produced several highly successful tech start-ups, but an underdeveloped ecosystem is holding things back. That’s about to change.

I meet Curry Khoo for the first time at Starbucks in Auto-City in Juru. It is afternoon and I am actually running late – Google Maps is letting me down big time and Curry is kind enough to send me his location via Whatsapp. It is a fittingly tech-themed trip.

I find him sitting in a corner, hunched in front of a sticker-laden laptop, sporting his trademark cap and glasses. He’s an animated, chatty and passionate figure.

Curry – real name Khoo Kah Lee – remembers when he first started doing start-ups in the early 2000s. “I came from a broken family and I couldn’t afford to further my studies.” Deciding that he wouldn’t go far with a diploma, he decided to run his own business, mostly dealing with web services. 

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