As travellers get smart, hoteliers have to get smarter


The travel business has been revolutionised, bringing pressures and opportunities to hoteliers and travellers alike. WIT, a travel news portal supported by Penang Global Tourism, will try to bring Penang’s hoteliers up to date at a workshop in July at China House.

“How did you book your hotel?” I asked a Penang friend visiting me in Singapore.

“Oh, I checked Agoda, but you know what? Their rates aren’t the best anymore,” she told me. “I used TripAdvisor, and then I found another app which gave me better rates than anywhere else.”

And so goes a typical conversation among travellers these days.

Back then, we had to put up with what airlines and hotels decided to charge us, or we went through a travel agent, hoping they’d have the best rates, not knowing that usually the agents would push the product they earn the most commission on.

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