A very well-kept secret jungle trail

loading View from Ridge Top Trail.

Taman Rimba is not known to many hikers; therein lies its allure.

The National Park at Teluk Bahang is a favourite of Penang hikers and tourists alike. Its well-trodden track to Monkey Beach and the lighthouse at Muka Head can be conveniently by-passed on the return journey by picking up a fishing boat at the beach or arranging for one in the village before departing.

But with the traffic comes the trash; the last time I walked along the formerly enchanting 45-minute coastal path to the beach, I was depressed by how filthy it had become. There are lesser-used (but more challenging) trails within the National Park that emerge at beaches far more beautiful than Monkey Beach, but if you prefer to escape the crowds altogether, I highly recommend the nearby Taman Rimba (forest park), located just beyond the Butterfly Farm on the way to Balik Pulau, opposite the dam.

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