Novel businesses on the block


New entrepreneurs in Pulau Tikus discover that diversity and innovation are the key to success.

There has been a steady sprouting up of new businesses in Pulau Tikus – from bakeries to boutiques. But behind the scenes, there is a radical transformation going on about how a business should be run. This is most obvious among the new start-ups. Penang Monthly speaks to some new businesses about how they keep up with the competition.

1. Food… and fashion?

“It is all about the food and the people at the table,” says Tan KT, the proud owner of BIBIS Fashion and Bakery Cafe. Located along the busy thoroughfare of Jalan Kelawai, Bibis is, as its name implies, both a boutique and a cafe – the boutique occupies the left side of the bungalow while the cafe is found to the right.

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