The tourists keep coming!


Fancy getting around George Town by trishaw?

More and more visitors are coming to Penang. Improving their mobility once they arrive is needed if Penang is to be truly accessible to its many admirers.

Despite being an island, Penang today is fortunately highly accessible. According to the Penang Tourists Survey 2014 prepared by the Sustainable Tourism Research Cluster (STRC), Universiti Sains Malaysia, the facilities that Penang offers outperformed tourists’ expectations in terms of accessibility, accommodation, tourist amenities and food. Sixty-four per cent of domestic visitors and 70% of international visitors stated that their visit was above their expectations.

Penang’s tourism sector followed the upward trend in 2014 – mainly due to an increase in the number of international tourists1. The total number of international arrivals flying into Penang International Airport (PIA) grew at an annual growth rate of seven per cent from 2007-20142.

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