Making words perform art

loading From left: Robin Ruizendaal, Tan Sooi Beng, Latif Kamaluddin, Paul Augustin and Marco Ferrarese.

At the George Town Literary Festival 2015, meet this group of people who create imagery and music with words.

On November 27-29, the George Town Literary Festival will once again be back in town to colour Penang with the monochromatic black-and-white grandeur of the printed word. As usual, an array of diverse events, panels and workshops will explore all shades of ink, from fiction to poetry, memoir to cartoon and spoken word.

One particular event, however, promises to offer a different kind of highlight – and not because this infamous banned writer will be participating. On Saturday, November 28, a group of four writers representing experiences as diverse as the extremes of the compass rose will get together at Mrs Potts, Black Kettle Upstairs on Jalan Pantai from 10am.

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