Speaking of Pulau Tikus...


Pulau Tikus. The name always sounded exotic to the ears of a boy growing up in the general area of Ayer Itam (yes, not Air Itam), Reservoir Gardens and Rifle Range. At a time when I still measured distance by bicycle speed, the place was far enough away to be remote and close enough to be comfortably reachable.

(In fact, now as I write these few familiar names of parts of Penang, they all sound exotic. It helps to have lived away long enough, I suppose.)

Anyway, Pulau Tikus in my mind’s eye was centred round the traffic lights in the middle of the village, where Burmah Road ( Jalan Burmah) meets Cantonment Road ( Jalan Cantonment). In that sense, it was a place I passed aiming for some other place.

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