Road tripping with long-distance parents

loading Ready to tackle Nan county with a map spread out on the dashboard.

When you have been living far apart from your parents for a long time, you acquire your own habits. And when they come to visit, playing host to and going on a road trip together with them can be a meaningful, albeit exhausting experience.

“Are you sure that you are comfortable driving like that?”

“Yes, dad.”

“Because you know, you shouldn’t stay so close to the steering wheel. You should give space, extend your arms. See? You can’t.”

I don’t know about you, but when I am trying to drive and concentrate on the road ahead of me, and I have someone sitting in the passenger seat schooling me on my driving, my first impulse is to elbow them straight in the ribs, hear the sound of whistling breath as it falls back into their throats and then say, “Oh I am SO sorry. My arm snapped over the clutch… are you hurt?”

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