Choong Kam Kow – A this-worldly visionary

loading Choong Kam Kow.

At 80, Choong Kam Kow is finally getting his hugely deserved “Oscar” moment in his major Retrospective, honoured by the National Visual Arts Gallery.

Choong Kam Kow’s 258 selected works stand as beacons to some 57 years of passion and toil in creating 15 distinct, defining series including the groundbreaking Festival series and his mimetic Back-to-Nature quadrant (of Trunkscapes, Rockscapes, Earthscapes and Lakescape), apart from the Shaped Canvas and SEA-Thru series! Works done with workmanlike efficacy primed in a sheer totality of conception with the tension of yin-yang dualisms and East-West dichotomy; works imbibing sociohistorical constructs as printings and assemblages-sculptures that defy conventional modes, references and engagements. A bevy of 18 totemic solo exhibitions, 15 held in the US, Britain, Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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