#jesuischarlie: Will the real Charlie please stand up?

loading In France, the famous Where's Wally books by Martin Handford is known as "Où est Charlie?" (Where's Charlie?) The placard reads "I am Charlie and I am here".

As tragic as the Paris attacks were, France needs to do some soul searching before it can move on, as do we all.

Within hours of the first terrorist attacks in Paris, the hash tag “#jesuischarlie” (I am Charlie) began to rapidly trend on Twitter. As the violence continued for two more days, the hash tag was retweeted more than three million times. Among those killed at Charlie Hebdo were well-loved political cartoonists – cultural celebrities who lampooned all religious and political figures. Although they produced a particularly extreme and quite tasteless brand of satire, most French people accepted it as part of their culture; the cartoonists were national icons that generations in France had grown up with.

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