Springtime for art biennales


Art is not only big business worldwide, it is big everything today, including city branding. Huge art festivals are taking place throughout the world.

At Heathrow in London, I was singled out by security personnel for an “interview” after X-ray clearance. When told that I was simply stopping over in London on the way home after attending the World Biennale Forum II (WBF, November 25-30, 2014) in Brazil, one of them demanded to know what a “biennale” is.

A timely question, and one I have never been as equipped to answer as I had at that moment. In fact, in the forum, which coincided with the Sao Paulo Art Biennale (September 6-December 7, 2014), participants and stakeholders discussed, excogitated and argued at length over three days to arrive at a defining if not definitive model, among other issues. But we were no nearer to it.

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