Malaysian skinheads against racism


Where radical youth subculture is concerned, Malaysia has been described both as a haven for supremacist Malay Nazis and an abode for anti-fascist working class heroes. But who, or what, are our Malaysian skinheads, really?

On May 18, 2013, a picture of 14 Malay teenagers in skinhead clothes with their right arms raised in the Nazi salute appeared in American magazine Vice. Now, why would a bunch of KL kids who listen to Western Neo-Nazi bands such as Angry Aryan, but clearly aren’t Aryan themselvesM, adopt a worldview that specifically discriminates against their own race?

Perhaps the title of the Vice article, “Meet the Malaysian Neo-Nazis Fighting for a Pure Malay Race1”, is self-explanatory. Kuasa Melayu (Malay Power) is a by-product of blind imitation of the British-born racist “White Power” movement, which has Asians clearly listed among its potential targets. 

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