Baiting a Billion-Ringgit Aquaculture Industry


With sound policies and an established logistics base, Penang is poised to become a huge fish exporter.

Asia’s fisheries sector has been thriving since 1980, and the main source of growth has been aquaculture. Since the 1990s, the aquaculture sector has been growing at an annual rate of about 11%, surpassing that of all other agricultural commodities in the region1.

And in Penang, aquaculture – the fish farming industry – is envisaged to have the greatest potential for cultivating fish or seafood products for domestic and external consumption.

It’s all about fish

Per capita fish consumption is expected to grow fast in regions with high projected income growth2. As incomes increase, the demand for fish will also increase. By extension, this will mean that high-value species will become more popular.

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