Calmness caught in epic colours

loading Syed Thajudeen.

Syed Thajudeen grew up on both sides of the Bay of Bengal. The stories, the sights and the sounds of the region resonate starkly in his paintings.

Syed Thajudeen’s art is forged in the confluences of catalytic changes. When young, he savoured the euphoria of Independence in India (1947) and then in Malaya (1957), and also witnessed the formation of Malaysia (1963). He was fortunate to be spared the excesses of the Japanese Occupation (1941-1945) and the May 13, 1969 internecine racial strife – both times because he was in India. This “sheltered life” perhaps shaped his artistic oeuvre of effusive love and an Arcadian world of harmony, beauty and bliss.

Born in the village of Alagan Kulam in Tamil Nadu, India, in 1943, he spent his early childhood imbibing Indian culture including the epics, dance and drama and the intricate frescoes and carvings on the filigreed gopuram of Indian temples.

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