Is the Malaysian Extreme Music Scene Stagnant or Subtly Evolving?


In his new book, Banana Punk Rawk Trails, writer and musician Marco Ferrarese records his experiences from the metal punk rock music scene in South-East Asia.

To South-East Asia’s metal punk zealots, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia, Marco Ferrarese is no stranger. Travel writer, metal punk rocker and author of locally banned novel Nazi Goreng and the newly published Banana Punk Rawk Trails, Ferrarese made his journey from his homeland in Italy to Asia, arriving in Penang in 2008.

Being in the punk rock world for donkey’s years, Ferrarese has experienced the rapid transition from the analogue era to a digitalised world, accepting the fact that the good old days, when people in the music scene still used airmail to connect with each other, are gone. Ferrarese found himself fatigued and later decided to quit the scene.

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