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We provide the numbers on tourists in Penang.

2017-03-22The top three countries of origin of international visitors to Penang were Indonesia, Singapore and China. These three countries made up almost 71% of Penang’s total amount of international visitors in 2014.

Out of 1.2 million arrivals at Penang International Airport (PIA) in 2014, 463,200 (39.6%) were Malaysians. The remaining 736,800 were non-Malaysians.

Interestingly, Indonesians made up over 40% of total international visitors. This is consistent with the findings of the Penang Health Department that nearly 97% of Penang’s health tourists were Indonesian.

Figure 7: Average occupancy rate (AOR)

Penang’s average occupancy rate in 2014 was higher than the national average. This has been the case every year since 2010.

Source: Tourism Malaysia.

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