A hike to the top via Moongate

loading The viaduct.

Why take the train when you can hike?

Every hiker in Penang feels the irresistible urge at some point to climb to the highest point in Penang, and so they embark on one of the many routes leading to the summit of Penang Hill. At 735m above sea level, this is not in actual fact the highest point on the island; this accolade goes to Western Hill, which rises 833m above sea level. Western Hill is about a mile along the Summit Road from Penang Hill, but it is the site of an off-limits military radar station.

But don’t lose heart. If you are a height junky, the Penang Forest Hill Challenge from Teluk Bahang to Penang Hill enables you to pass close to the top of Western Hill, at an altitude of around 805m.

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