The renewal of Butterworth continues

loading A view of the Star on the opening night in Raja Uda, Butterworth.

Art Festival Urban Xchange brings a motley cast of local and international artists back into town. The goal? Promote awareness through art, and present Seberang Perai with the gift of a giant LED star.

First of all, art is creation. A meaningful passage between the inner sensibilities of an artist and the outer world. A process that leads individuals to unleash their personal vision, to give birth to their deepest feelings and ideas – the seductive thrill of invention.

That was what attracted most attendees to the grand opening of the Star on the night of November 7, I dare venture. We all stood in front of a four-storey concrete building at the western end of Jalan Raja Uda in Butterworth. White lights in the shape of a star shone above us, illuminating the drizzly night with a halo of cold luminescence.

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