A Hospital that Puts Fun into Patient Care


Over a decade, the National Taiwan University Hospital has transformed itself into a model worth emulating.

What do you expect to see when you walk into the grounds of a prestigious hospital? Perhaps grandiose and legendary buildings? Or respected doctors rushing around eager for research subjects and focused on laboratory experiments?

National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH), which is over 100 years old, has and takes pride in both. But neither takes the spotlight; hospital clowns and joyful kids do.

The hospital clowns come to the Children’ Hospital at NTUH under a collaborated programme called “Dr Red Nose Program”, which is performed and managed by Taiwan’s Theatre de la Sardine. This is the first hospital clown programme on the island, started in 2015 at the Children’s Hospital. It welcomes professional performance into medical care to spread laughter in the paediatric oncology hospital wards.

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