The Art of Sonny Liew


Comics are fun, but if one is to make a career of it, one needs luck and lots of talent. And one needs to take bold initiatives and to experiment. A very adult way to stay young, really.

In Seremban, a young Sonny Liew stumbled across an issue of the British anthology comic series, 2000AD. “My mind was blown,” he said. “They did a weekly magazine with like five stories in there, and every artist had a different style.” After sustaining himself for years on a steady diet of Marvel and Lao Fu Zi comics which featured a very consistent art style, the sheer eclectic variety in 2000AD introduced Liew to a world of new possibilities.
Fast forward to 2014, and Liew can count himself among those unique talents he once admired. His quirky, sketchy style first gained widespread attention with My Faith in Frankie1, a supernatural romantic comedy with British writer Mike Carey about a girl and her own personal deity.

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