Zooming in on Bugs


Close-ups of insects can be the most enchanting thing a shutterbug can imagine.

Few of us think of insects as incredibly interesting animals, but it was exactly the sight of bugs that brought together Husni Che Ngah, 45, from Kuala Terengganu, Nik Peter Liew, 41, from Penang, and Tan Tian Ching, 35, from Kelantan. Their common interest led to the founding of Xpression, a tight-knit group of macro photographers from various walks of life who spend their free time getting their knees dirty in parks all over Penang capturing the perfect insect portrait.

Some would call their efforts an entomologist’s psychosis, but others, including the likes of National Geographic, have awarded prizes to these dedicated shutterbugs for their crystalline-perfect shots of the insect kingdom.

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