A Water Supply System to Boast About


The Penang Botanic Garden Reservoir.

Penang’s inherited dams, reservoirs, aqueducts and sewers help define the island.

When we talk about heritage in Penang, we tend to focus on George Town’s historic monuments. As it happens, the city’s heritage is in its plumbing too. Penang’s water infrastructure is another part of the city’s colonial inheritance – one expanded upon and maintained by successive generations.

Drawing from the cold, pure sources on Penang Hill, a series of dams and reservoirs stores the island’s watery wealth. Crisscrossed with a lacework of pipes, the water we use flows out through an ancient network of open granite drains and via remnants of old canals – the Prangin Canal being the most visible of these – and into the sea. It is quick and convenient.

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