Hudud Threatens the Future of Malaysia


The hijacking of the hudud issue by the federal government is a political stunt, which reminds us that a moratorium on hudud may be in order.

Once again, our nation is beguiled by the spectre of hudud, a term loosely used to reference the syariah penal code. Every once in a while, hudud emerges like an apparition with supernatural powers, possessing those who are normally calm and reasonable, and causing them to be overcome emotion. So bewitching are its powers that it often also turns erstwhile friends into enemies and even sworn enemies into friends.

Doctrinally, hudud refers to a set of punishments said to be divinely mandated for acts that breach the limits, or hadd, set by God. These crimes include theft, robbery as well as acts within the realm of personal liberty, such as adultery, fornication, intoxication and apostasy.

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