The Common Ice Cream Goes Upmarket


Frozen desserts are so popular and so mainstream that they often go unnoticed. Penang Monthly takes a look at some of the ice cream joints in Penang and at the cool factor they carry.

Penang may be famous for its hot food, but let us not forget its fabulous desserts. Its ice kacang and cendol are often included in top ten lists of all sorts. But most interestingly, the dear old ice cream is being rediscovered – and definitely evolving.

Kek Seng Cafe: A Taste that Remains the Same

Established in 1906 and still sporting the sturdy wooden booths and tiles of its inception, Kek Seng Cafe started welcoming hawkers into its premises from the mid-1960s, eventually becoming one of the best and most well-known spots for hawker fare in town.

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