A Dreamy Tribute in 35mm


There is no nostalgia like analogue camera nostalgia.

With an eagle etched over his throat, 30-year-old Samuel Carter looks more like a tattoo-parlour apprentice than a self-made vintage photographer. “Photography has been my hobby for the past 12 years,” says the extreme music merchandise producer from London. “I shot a lot of music photography, mostly backstage stuff you don’t generally see in magazines, before I decided to take it to the next level recently. This is my first solo show ever.”

Carter and I met at a coffee shop along Lebuh Carnarvon after I visited his photo exhibit, Psycho Holiday – also the title of a song by Texas metal band Pantera – which ran from November 14-30 last year at the Ernest Zacharevic x E&O gallery located in the E&O Hotel.

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