No Child Goes Hungry in New Taipei City


Employees of a Hi-Life convenience chain store in New Taipei City providing food to school children.

Corner-shop franchises in this Taiwanese municipality are engaged to feed the young and needy.

In metropolitan areas, franchise convenience stores such as 7-Eleven and FamilyMart can be found practically everywhere. No longer content with selling instant food and beverages, they have evolved to become channels for all kinds of commercial transactions, including express services, online shopping pickup and railway ticket issuing; in some countries, one can even pay utility bills there.

The situation is no different in New Taipei City, situated in northern Taiwan. Home to 3.9 million people and with an area of 2052sqkm, the ministry-level municipality has seen a huge immigration of people seeking better jobs and economic opportunities. With such a high population, convenience stores are naturally quite ubiquitous.

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