Making Sure Penang’s Taps Keep Flowing

loading Water-saving devices. Incorrectly laid pipes and faulty metres cost states millions, but Penang has managed to maintain the lowest nonrevenue water rates in the country.

Water security is an increasing concern for governments worldwide. How is Penang doing, and what can it expect?

We are a thirsty species. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that each person requires between 50 litres and 100 litres daily to meet basic health and sanitation needs1. Access to safe water is a human necessity, but one that remains out of reach for many. An estimated one billion people globally lack access to suitable drinking water, and growing scarcity is expected to be a main driver of conflict throughout this century2. For development, quality of life and political stability, therefore, governments must guarantee water security for their people.

So what does the future of Penang’s water supply look like? That depends. But to be sure, our current water usage is definitely unsustainable.

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