Penang transportation by the numbers


Penang transportation by the numbers

We examine the transport situation in Penang and provide the statistics on the trends and modes of transportation available in the state.
Vehicle re-registration across all types has undergone steady growth albeit with a slowdown occurring in 2012-2013. We witnessed a deceleration of 1.5% for motorcycles and 3.4% for private cars for year-to-year rates in 2013 – probably a direct reflection of rising fuel prices from RM1.75 (May 2009) to RM2.30 (November 2014) for RON 95.
The introduction of taxi booking mobile app “My Teksi” in April 2014 has increased taxi bookings by a staggering 500% 1. On the other hand, plans to increase taxi fares by 70%-80% support the idea that the trend will not continue 2. These conflicting factors leave the future of taxi usage in Penang uncertain.

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