A show of images small, succinct and sensational


Diversity is perhaps best noticed and accepted when artistic and cultural expressions are clearly framed and starkly expressed. By encouraging small and mobile paintings, inspiration gets democratised.

Small is the new Big, and small certainly counts in the Imago Mundi (Latin for “Image of the World”) miniature global art outreach! The brainchild of Benetton Foundation’s (Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche) Luciano Benetton, the international cum special place-centric exhibitions featuring miniature paintings are fast gaining traction for offering glimpses of artistic expressions from all corners of the world.

The inspiration came when a South American artist couriered two tiny 10cm x 12cm paintings to Luciano as a way of introduction. Luciano found the format practical and mobile, and hit on the idea of amassing such miniature expressions from all over the world as art-cultural manifestations and as a bridge to crosscultural understanding.

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