Grow Your Own Greens Today!

loading The minimalist seed boxes which Eats, Shoots & Roots markets as beginner kits.

Living in the city makes tending one’s own garden seem a fantasy, but the ingenuity of a few determined green thumbs has made this possible.

Growing a garden of edible plants sounds marvelous – and it is.

But it does take perseverance. It’s not always easy to grow plants, and many give up after their first attempts fail.

“Growing things can be daunting, and plants do die. But it’s not always the person’s fault,” says Beatrice Yong, the strategy director of the social enterprise Eats, Shoots & Roots, which was set up to encourage urbanites to grow their own food.

Even experienced gardeners need to experiment. She showed me their lush vegetable garden in the backyard of an old house in Petaling Jaya, pointing out the roselle seedlings which were struggling to survive.

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