Covid-19 Exclusives: Schools May Be Shut, but the Learning Continues

loading “We must continue teaching our special needs students during this MCO because if we stop, their learning is disrupted and when they do return to school, we would have to start all over again,” says Merinna Berlis.

You read it here first!We are pre-publishing features on Covid-19 slated for our May 2020 issue.So stay in, stay safe and enjoy free access to Penang Monthly's e-Archive during Malaysia's Movement Control Order. “BEEN HOME-SCHOOLING the kids, they aren’t listening and I’m having my 10th meltdown! Hats off to all teachers for teaching our children with such patience and passion.” This is one of the many posts that has popped up on my social media account, ever since schools, colleges and universities closed their doors following the outbreak of Covid-19. In an effort to contain the pandemic, Unesco reveals that over 130 ...

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