One Long Adrenaline Rush on Offer

loading First Obstacle – Confidence Path.

THE GRAVITYZ isn’t for the faint-hearted. Situated at Level 65 of Komtar, the high-altitude sports adventure course features a series of adrenaline-pumping challenges, while offering a stunning bird’s eye view of George Town and beyond.

Second Obstacle – High Bench.

Co-founded by executive director Low Hong Jie, a rock climber with a deep passion for extreme sports, Low saw the potential of introducing the rope course adventure in Komtar in 2018, having previously established Madmonkeyz Climbing Gym in KL and Urban Playz at Gurney Paragon.

The Gravityz offers three different packages for participants to choose from. The Sitting in The Sky and Half Challenge packages consist of two and three obstacles each, while the Full Challenge enables participants to try all six.

Third Obstacle - A Great Bridge.

“Ideally, participants must be above 100cm tall and weigh less than 100kg. We once had an 87-year-old try out the course and our youngest is a 4-year-old,” says operation executive Muhamad Faidhi Addenan. “Only one slot with a maximum of six participants is available every hour, but this also depends on how long the group takes to complete the course because in conquering their fear of heights, some may take a longer time to finish than one might expect.”

Once “outdoors”, participants will be bookended by two professionally trained guides who instruct them through the obstacle course. Safety is not taken lightly at The Gravityz, and equipment inspections are conducted on a daily basis. “We inspect the harness, helmets, as well as the wheels on the cables. If any problems were to arise, they are studied and solved promptly.”

The Experience

Fourth Obstacle – X Point.

This writer was given the opportunity to try her hand at the rope course, and once briefed on the safety instructions and decked in personal protective equipment, I proceeded to tackle the first stop: Confidence Path, where participants must traverse a steel platform a heart-stopping 239m above ground!

The next obstacle is the High Bench. Here, participants are invited to take a seat on the benches at varying heights – with feet dangling midair – to soak in the sights and sounds of Penang, or to take a selfie to make the experience a more memorable one; while A Great Bridge strips participants off the security of the glass wall to hold onto for support as they balance their way across the bridge.

X Point, the fourth obstacle, is similar to Confidence Path, but with a slight twist; to cross, participants will have to walk backwards all the way to the end. Upping the ante is the Z Wire that challenges one to zip line from one end to another – this was truly a nerve-wracking experience! Lastly, boasting its unique set of triple challenges is the obstacle G Rocky. Those brave enough are encouraged to relax themselves into a suspended steel deckchair before moving on to “the staircase”, a two-level platform to loosely mimic the “I’m Flying” action from Titanic. As easy as it sounds, it definitely took this writer’s wobbly legs some time to climb up the second platform. For the third and final challenge, with feet halfway out the platform, participants are asked to face the glass wall and while holding onto the attached rope for added security, to drop into a sitting position and using the tips of their toes to straighten themselves up. Except for your feet, now your entire body is literally in the air!

Fifth Obstacle – Z Wire.

The Pull of Extreme Sports

The Gravityz is typically popular among teenagers and adults, with its popularity peaking in December “because Malaysian and Singaporean schools are usually on holiday breaks then; we average about 50 to 60 customers daily during the month. We receive customers from cruises coming into Penang as well,” says Faidhi, but adds that the number has dropped due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Sixth Obstacle – G Rocky.

“Most customers have had experience doing extreme sports. There is definitely potential in making it a trend, but this also comes down to the ticket prices people are willing to pay for the experience. The cost and also, the fear factor could deter the trend from fully taking off. But we do have special promotions where Penangites can enjoy 15% off, students 25% off and MyKad holders 10% off ticket prices; and customers can either walk in or book their slots using our booking system. Bookings can also be made through Online Travel Agencies like Klook, but only certain packages are available online,” he explains.

When asked about The Gravityz’s future plans, Faidhi teases the possibility of introducing a second phase obstacle course. “We may add a bungee jump which will be at Level 68 of Komtar. But there is no definite answer. It is still being discussed.”

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Aliya Abd Rahim is a soon-to-be USM graduate who has great fear for thrilling rides at theme parks, but surprisingly survived the world’s highest rope course challenge.

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