Artists We Lost in 2019

loading One of the Terracotta Warriors works in Chinese brush painting that defined the career of Yong Chien Chin.

WORKS OF ART are invested with a certain immortality long after the creator dies. These are tangible and enduring, legacies imbued with the visions, manifestations and expressions of the love, strife and joy of artists, singly or as a coterie. They document, signpost and signify episodic moments, capturing the enthralment and the ennui, the panoramic and the particular, the scintillating colours and inner darkness. In their honour, what follows are requiems for artists we lost in 2019. Lim Tong Juan. On the local front, the prolific Raphael Scott Ahbeng, best known for his highly imaginative abstract landscapes, especially of his Bau hometown in ...

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