Art That Found Immortality in 2016

loading Images from the Great Leap Forward exhibition in KL.

Artists cannot live forever, but their works certainly can.

Artists tend to be linked to two deathrelated myths: that they lead longer lives, and that their stature grows the longer they live. But death comes to all, with 2016 claiming many artists, including two notable Malaysians, Zakaria Awang (1954-January 29), and Penangborn Nirmala Dutt Shanmughalingam (1941-December 5).

Zakaria was an art tutor and was in the team that won second prize in the Hong Kong Sand Sculpture competition in 1988. He was known for his three-dimensional works studded with Islamic calligraphy and informed by its principles.

The searing sociopolitical and environmental thrust in the works of Nirmala (or Nim to her fans), were created with deft manipulations of media and strong content and colour symbolism, and bristled with truth and social justice.

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