Hiking to Paradise

loading High-diving at Teluk Kampi.

The trail to Teluk Kampi – with turtles, rainforest, a meromictic lake and a pristine beach – is mesmerising.

Penang National Park in Teluk Bahang has three main hiking trails: the one to Monkey Beach and Muka Head lighthouse; the one to Pantai Kerachut (Turtle Beach) and on to Teluk Kampi; and the newest one, the trail to Bukit Batu Hitam. All three are well signposted and easy to follow.

Meromictic lake.

The Monkey Beach trail is the easiest; it is almost completely flat and follows the coastline for about an hour from the park entrance to the beach. However, its accessibility has made it popular with tourists escaping Batu Feringghi. Enterprising fishermen bring in boatloads for picnics and barbeques; hawkers have set up makeshift stalls selling food and drinks; and operators have followed the tourists with jet ski services despite the ban on water recreational activities within the National Park.

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