Listen! Are Those Not Sounds of Borneo Echoing Down the Streets of Penang?

loading Sada Borneo is formed by close friends who are passionate about preserving Malaysia's traditional folk music.

With a name like Sada Borneo, one would think that the band had its start in Sarawak. But guess again. Sada Borneo was in fact formed in Penang, more specifically within the grounds of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2012, where its members – all from different parts of Malaysia – were pursuing their tertiary education and for the love of it, occasionally performed at university showcases. A little fun fact: the band – currently comprising close friends Allister Anak Changat, Nick Fadriel Anak John, Alvin Yong, Julian Anak Frederick, Mohd Hilmi Mohd Isa and Bob Harris Norbert – came up with ...

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