Daniel Häggmark: From Hälsingland to Penang

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Daniel Häggmark, Managing Director of MONITOR ERP, is responsible for bringing Swedish business management software company to Penang, adding colour and dynamism to an industrial landscape on the cusp of change. He has a chat with Penang Monthly about relocating to our sunny state, finding the right talent to fit the job, and ice hockey.

Julia Tan: Coming from Sweden, how do you find the work culture here?

Daniel Häggmark: Well the leadership style is completely different – hierarchy and such do not exist much in Sweden; it’s not just that rooted in our culture, I think. We grew up with the flexibility to question things and come up with ideas. Even in a big company, if something’s wrong, we go to the boss and tell them our thoughts and solutions. I think that is not something that is being done here, and it is what we are working a lot on with our employees.

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